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Posted by David Nelems on Feb 25, 2019 12:00:42 PM


We have paid attention to a lot of details in the Elongator Tailgate.    Here is an example:

When you open the Elongator Tailgate and the folding extension is closed the bed of your truck and the height of your Elongator Tailgate are level. Or, to be more precise, both items are "on the same plane". There is no dip up or down between the two items.  This is what you would expect as the factory tailgate operates the same way.

Same Plane Level Closed

People ask us.  "What happens when you flip the extension out and extend the bed?"  Well, the extension still stays on the same plane.  You can put a 4 foot level across from the bed to the end of the extension and notice that bubble right in the center of the two lubber lines.  (We are assuming your truck is on level ground to begin with).

Same Plane Level open 

This "on plane" feature makes things safer.  You don't have long loads tilted up or down as they extend out of the bed to the extension.  

It also protects long loads of fragile items like trim work; they wont bounce around on the gap.

Proper strapping is important.

The unique design of the Elongator Tailgate folding extension allows our customers to carry longer loads of lumber much more safely and securely.  Here is a 16 foot load, properly strapped using the holes in the Elongator Tailgate extension.  The strapping method keeps the load from moving back and forth.

16 foot load

Watch this video of the "safe strapping" method.


Proper Straping of Lumber

If (and when) you have to carry long loads, the Elongator Tailgate will make it easier, safer and more secure.  This give you peace of mind during your drive while providing an extra degree of safety for the vehicles driving around you.

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