The Last Tailgate You Will Ever Buy.

Posted by David Nelems on Apr 9, 2019 2:39:23 PM

We have been telling people about all of the functions that the Elongator Tailgate offers with its multi-fold extension and the ramps that store inside the tailgate.  However, we have never mentioned one other unique feature of the tailgate.

It might be the last tailgate you will ever have to buy.

Full rear view

How can that be?  How can the tailgate you put on your Ford work on your Dodge if you change truck brands?  It's possible because of the way we designed the tailgate many years ago. 

The Elongator is designed around a common center section.  This section contains the folding extension, the ramp compartment, the slide bar, etc.  Basically, just about every functional part of the gate is in the center section.  When someone orders a tailgate we always use the same center section but we put on a different skin and side adaptors based on the truck you need to fit.  So, if you have a Silverado and buy an F-150 (yes, it can happen) all you have to do is order new side adaptors and a new exterior skin.  These parts simply bolt on to the center section and you can put the tailgate on the new truck. 

Presto! -  you have reused 90% of the old tailgate.  Now you have the same great Elongator Tailgate functionality on your new truck.

Now one disclaimer:  This will not work if you go from a full size truck to a mid size or vice versa - say an F-150 to a Tacoma.  The size of the tailgates of the trucks are so different that our center sections are different sizes.  But if you want to go to a Ford Ranger from a Tacoma (these gates will be available soon)  - you can do that as well.

We recognize that the Elongator Tailgate is an investment so we want to make sure you get value out of it long after you have replaced the truck it was on initially.



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