The Tailgate is the Next Battlefield

Posted by David Nelems on Feb 13, 2019 10:47:52 PM

A few people have come up to us lately and said "I saw your tailgate ad on TV.  That's great!"

Of course, we are not running a national TV ad.  There is an ad about the tailgate on the Sierra.  You might have segatedogen it - people carrying their old tailgates in the mountains.  It's pretty good. 

We also get asked:  "Are you worried about that fancy tailgate?"  The answer is "Nope"

These folks are doing us a favor.  They are making people realize that the tailgate should do something other than just lower.  Of course, their tailgate really just lets YOU get into the bed easier.  It does not address missions like getting large or heavy or wheeled items into the truck bed.  It does not address making it safer to carry longer loads in the truck.  It's generally about getting you into the truck.  But they already addressed this very nicely a few years ago with the "step-side bumpers".  

Side note - based on the forums we are reading one thing that IS happening is a few people are lowering the "step" inside the tailgate and if they are not careful it bangs into their trailer hitch and dents the tailgate.

We believe that the things you add to your truck should increase the capability of your truck.  That's why we focus on things like:

  • stretching the truck bed,
  • making it easier to ramp load,
  • giving you the ability to have ramps with you all the time,
  • creating other accessories that will attach to the extension, and,
  • using your truck as a truck not an SUV with a bed.

The other reason they are not stretching the truck bed or adding ramps is because they can't. 

We have the patent on all of those functions.

Of course, the people that make the Sierra want you to buy the truck to get the new tailgate. It's only for NEW trucks.  We go back about 10 years on most trucks already and we are expanding the models we fit every few months. 

That's why we say "Keep Your Truck - Change Your Tailgate"


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